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Alex Ivanisevic, Contributing Editor
5:48 pm CST March 4, 2020

The Village of Glencoe announced Wednesday afternoon, March 4, that an employee of its Public Works Department was exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of the coronavirus, according to a release from the Village.

Glencoe Village Manager Phil Kiraly said the employee was exposed while traveling "outside the region," and Glencoe officials said the employee reported to work earlier this week "after the initial exposure" and "had minimal contact with the general public." 

The employee is not a Glencoe resident, said Kiraly, who added the Village was notified Wednesday morning that the person had quarantined himself.

"The employee is not showing any signs of the virus and is self-monitoring and under voluntary quarantine at home," the release says. "The employee is also in contact with their healthcare professional."

The release adds that Village of Glencoe officials have contacted NorthShore University Health System, the Cook County Department of Health and the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

The Village says it "is taking the appropriate safety measures, including continuing to clean and disinfect public spaces in Village facilities and employee work areas, as well as encouraging employees and residents to follow best practices recommended by the CDC to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. At this time, no impacts to Village services are expected."

Kiraly reinforced in the release that the employee has not shown any symptoms of having the virus. 

"We are following guidance from our local, state and federal health officials and will continue to monitor the employee’s condition at this time,” Kiraly says in the release, later adding, "the Village is committed to being transparent with our staff and residents and arming them with knowledge to calmly take preventive action steps that can help keep them healthy. The safety of our employees and the public is our top priority."

The coronavirus was first reported in the United States on Jan. 22, according to the Associated Press, and as of press time, there were 149 confirmed cases across the nation. Eleven of those cases have resulted in death — 10 in Washington state and one in California. The state health department told the Chicago Tribune March 3 it was watching about 250 people for symptoms, including some of those who’ve already been tested. There have been four confirmed cases in Illinois.

The release says the Village of Glencoe will remain in contact with the individual.

The release also includes this information: “The CDC states that there is low risk to those in the same indoor environment (e.g., a classroom, a hospital waiting room) as a person with symptomatic laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 for a prolonged period of time. This employee has not been diagnosed with the virus. The CDC advises that asymptomatic people with low-risk exposures should self-observe until 14 days after their last potential exposure. The employee is currently seven days into the 14-day incubation period.”


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