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Staff Report
9:47 am CDT March 17, 2020

Glenbrook High Schools District 225 has its first confirmed case of the coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a statement from district officials. 

Our sister paper, The Northbrook Tower, reports a parent of a District 225 student recently tested positive for the virus, officials say in a statement released Monday, March 16. District 225 officials did not disclose if the student attends Glenbrook South or Glenbrook North. 

The Illinois Department of Public health determined the parent has not been in D225 school buildings for more than two weeks, the statement says. Health officials do not recommend that D225 staff or students, or their families, self-isolate at this time.  

“We know that this announcement may cause alarm and we continue to encourage our district families to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for prevention and symptom awareness,” the statement reads.

District officials say they do not plan to notify the community of each confirmed case of coronavirus, as the number of cases in Illinois grows each day and schools are already closed. 

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