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Matthew Smith, of Northfield, samples ribs at the Northfield State Fair on Saturday, Sept. 7, at Clarkson Park. Photos by Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media
Northfield resident Hugo Malan (inset) prepares the fire before grilling.
Phil Balsamo, of Northfield, enjoys a sampling of the ribs at the State Fair.
The band Running Still performs at the State Fair.
Kevin O’Hara (left) and Pat Boudewyns slice their ribs at the Northfield State Fair.
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
5:33 am CDT September 11, 2019

While the chance to sample mouth-watering ribs and succulent pies is certainly reason enough  to attend the Northfield Park District’s annual State Fair, the real draw is the history, the friendships and the chance to build memories, making this long-standing event a beloved tradition for all to enjoy.