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Assistant Village Forrester Andrew Lueck and Principal Joshua Swanner oversee fourth-graders Sloane Anderson and Jack Walker as they shovel top soil on Greeley’s new Smoke Bush Tree, supplied by the Village and planted in honor of Arbor Day. Libby Elliott/22nd Century Media
Libby Elliott, Freelance Reporter
12:55 am CDT May 7, 2019

As a youngster growing up on Elder Lane in Winnetka, Emily Rose spent many happy days climbing two crabapple trees outside Greeley School. 

“I grew up with Greeley as my backyard,” Rose said. “All the neighborhood kids gathered to play after school, during the summer and in the evenings.”

While perfect for climbing, crabapple trees are highly susceptible to diseases. Greeley’s well-loved trees eventually died, leaving empty spaces where Rose and her friends once played.