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Reprise Coffee Roasters, which recently opened its new Winnetka location in Hubbard Woods, prides itself upon roasting small batches of coffee beans, sourced from Nicaragua, in-house. PHOTOS BY LIBBY ELLIOTT/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Adam Paronto, founder and owner of Reprise Coffee Roasters, joins Winnetka employee Jacqueline Anderson for a photo at their new Hubbard Woods Location.
Libby Elliott, Freelance Reporter
2:13 pm CDT May 23, 2017
If coffee were wine, Adam Paronto would be a master sommelier. The 27-year-old entrepreneur behind Winnetka’s newest coffee bar, Reprise Coffee Roasters, believes real coffee should have a subtle, nuanced flavor that could taste fruity, earthy or nutty, depending on a coffee bean varietal and its country of origin.