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Winnetkan rides to New York City to raise money for cancer research

by Samantha Crane, Editorial Intern Life & Arts, Living

From Buckingham Fountain to New York City’s Freedom Towers, David Schwarz has seen it all.

Schwarz, a Winnetka resident and former deputy police chief for Highland Park, rode his bike 1,256 miles in just 31 days to...

Four New Trier alumnae create platform for custom landscape plans

by Libby Elliott, Freelance Reporter Life & Arts, Living

We call them “disrupters.” 

They’re the tech-driven businesses like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix that displace established market leaders and radically change the way a product is delivered or consumed, from hailing a taxi...

Breaking out of her shell: Once-shy New Trier high-schooler Showbiz Shelly becomes a Chicago radio star

by Megan Bernard, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Living

When Shelly Menaker didn’t make New Trier High School’s volleyball team, it led her down a path she was destined for. 

“I started playing volleyball in junior high and wanted to pursue it in high school,” said Menaker...